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Quick Update

I think the title says it all. Just a quick few lines to update the status of this particular web address. I confess I have gotten a bit lax in updating and writing things for your pretty eyes to read. And I apologize. But, no more! I’m going to blow the dust off this rusty ole’ page and write more. If you will give me your time of day, I will write more for your enjoyment, I promise. I will make sure I relay funny things to you, get you a quote for each day (as many as possible), and hopefully we can grow together. For now, I will sign off as it’s quite early where I am and I do still have to earn money by the hour to pay the bills. Soon, friends.


About rocketsaway

Hi there, my name is E. Dagger. I'm a mall slave, cat-person-with-a-dog, and caffeine lover. I'm trying to back into the habit of writing. It's not that I've ever really quit, but I did stop actually putting the words on paper, which is a very difficult habit to break. This is one attempt, not to be confused with the first. My best friends are a Physicist, a Dragon, and a Lion. I live in the state of Colorado, where I am permanently in love with the mountains. Books whisk me away to other worlds frequently and Alkaline Trio is my soulmate music. I'm a geek who is notoriously rough around the edges. Magic the Gathering takes up an incredible amount of my free time. I'm fascinated by science; I collect hoodies and sweaters; I love the well placed use of a swear.


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